Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we keep the signs?

Yard Parties typically sets up early in the morning and takes down after dark. In some instances, your party may be set up the evening before, or taken down the morning after, depending on scheduling.

Is there an extra charge if I want to keep the yard signs up for several days?

Yes, there will be a daily fee to keep signs up longer than our customary rental period. When our signs are out for several days, we are unable to book other parties for those days.

Do I need to meet you for setup?

No! We don’t want to disturb you, so please, don’t get up! We want you to be as surprised as your Yard Party recipient!

Do you offer themes?

Although Yard Parties does not offer themes, we do offer “Spring” colors and “Primary” colors for most occasions. Graduation, New Baby, and Open House come in different color options. We always use our signature pinwheels for added fun!

What if it rains?

Thankfully in Arizona, we experience mostly sunny skies! Our yard signs are waterproof in case it does rain.

Can I purchase your signs?

We can accommodate custom sign requests for purchase with ample notice.